• Polyurethane Foam Resilient and durable

We are one of the leading manufacturers, in the Middle East, of polyurethane foam, offering a wide range of densities and resilience. The foam density ranges from 13 Kg/cu.m to 80 Kg/cu.m and the foam grade consists of various types like hard, soft, super soft, high resilience, bonded, visco-elastic, memory foam, fire-retardant etc.,

We  supply polyurethane foam as foam blocks, foam sheets, shoulder pads and pre-cut cushions.

As an environmentally conscious company, we ensure that our foams are CFC-free and thereby not resulting in Ozone depletion. Raha polyurethane foam is strong, soft, bouncy, resilient and durable. Moreover, we can also work with you to create foams tailor-made for your applications.

High quality foam grades: For contract furnishing 

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A great range in foams: For bedding and mattresses

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For the furniture industry: Applications in luxury

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Recycled foam: Creating wealth from waste

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  • Super Soft
  • Fire Retardant
  • High Resilient
  • Super Flex
  • Blocks
  • Sheets
  • Foam Mattresses
  • Re-Bounded Foam
  • Carry home foam Mattresses
  • Travelling Mattresses

Polyurethane Foam Properties

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