• Polyester Fibre Hollow siliconised thermo-bonded

Poly Products manufactures polyester fibre through a thermobonding process, a bi-component technological process which ensures superior bonding. Unlike conventional resin-bonding, where the bonding is only on the surface, Thermobonding ensures uniform bonding throughout the entire cross-section of the polyester wadding. Thermobonding is a chemical-free process which ensures that the fibre stays in shape, lasts longer and remains hygienic. These qualities translate into important benchmarks for your end products.

A three-level quality management

Sourcing of staple fibre

Suppliers are chosen after stringent quality checks. Further, the raw polyester fibre that is procured is subjected to thorough testing before usage

Process technology 

Our processes are among the most advanced, which complement our state-of-the-art machinery.

Experienced personnel

Our skilled and qualified people add the human dimension to all the above, a critical factor in quality control.

Choose the Raha Polyester fibre for your needs

M 7000

Hollow Siliconised Thermo-bonded Polyester Wadding. Slides better during sewing, quilting and upholstering. Applications include bedspreads, comforters, quilts, sleeping bags, pillows, upholstery cushions, decorative cushions and baby products.


Hollow Thermo-bonded Polyester Wadding of Heavy Duty Upholstery grade. Applications include winter-wear and upholstery for furniture and furnishings.


Hollow Thermo-bonded Polyester Wadding of Soft Finish grade. Conforms to British Standard 5852 on flammability legislation. Applications include furniture and furnishings in hotels and hospitals where strict fire-safety regulations need to be followed.

All the above three grades of polyester fibre can be supplied in loose form as well.

  • Siliconized
  • Non-Siliconized
  • Fire Retardant
  • Fluffy
  • Light-weight
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Washable
  • Never lumpy
  • Moth proof
  • Odorless
  • Long lasting

Polyester Fibre Properties

Polyester Wadding